75% of women find THIS the sexiest trait in a man.

The majority of women think this physical feature is by far the most important- can you guess what it is?
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New research has revealed the number on trait that a woman finds attractive in a man and it’s not surprising.

Men, don’t worry about spending all your free time in the gym doing everything in your power to get the perfect six-pack. Ladies, really aren’t worried about your hair do or your massive biceps. What women really want can be achieved with 10 minutes in the bathroom, or anywhere really.


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A new survey revealed the top physical traits that women look for in a potential partner and 75% of them rated white teeth at the top of their requirement list.

White teeth are known to provide confidence and gain the trust of others. Maybe this is why it’s an important factor in finding a spouse.


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The team at Remescar quizzed 2,197 women about their dating preferences and found that personality was also a big factor, but not quite as large as a white smile.

Other top factors in attraction were body type, good morals, and confidence.

Shockingly though, 70% of women admitted that they would ignore a man based on his appearance. Time to get whitening!


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Overall, a white smile is a top factor in catching a lady’s eye and is important to keep in mind when dating.

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