6 Common Teeth Whitening Issues Snow Fixed

Since launching in 2016, Snow has been disrupting the oral care industry with one simple mission – offer everyone the best teeth whitening products at a better price everyone can afford. To develop the absolute best products in support of this mission, the Snow Research and Development team talked to thousands of customers about whitening their teeth. These are the 6 issues they heard frustrate people the most, and how Snow solves each one for the first time on the market:

 teeth whitening issues fixed

Issue #1: “Whitening My Teeth Makes Them Sensitive or Gives Me Zingers”

SOLUTION: Snow’s proprietary formula whitens the deepest of stains without causing sensitivity.

Snow’s formula has quickly become a top-seller in the world, since it’s scientifically formulate to not cause the sensitivity of other systems. Zingers are now a thing of the past! 

 snow teeth whitening

Issue #2: “I Want White Teeth But I Don’t Want to Go Into The Dental Office to Do It”

SOLUTION: Snow Provides Professional Results Without the Need for A Dental Visit or Prescription.

Before Snow, People Wanting The Best Results Would Need to Visit Their Dentist. Now, You Can Whiten Even The Deepest of Stains in Minutes Without Needing to Leave Your Home.

dental office teeth whitening 

ISSUE #3: “I Can’t Afford Expensive Dental Treatments to Whiten My Teeth Like I Want Them. And I Don’t Want to Keep Buying Strips.”

SOLUTION: By Cutting Out the Middlemen, Snow Has Revolutionized The Industry By Delivering Unmatched Whitening Results for a Fraction of The Price. Each Snow System Contains Over $1,000 Worth of Their Proprietary Formula, Available Nowhere Else, For 10% of The Cost. Get The Results You Really Want, Every Single Time.

snow teeth whitening results

ISSUE #4: “I Live Outside of The United States, So I Don’t Have Access to The Products I Want”

SOLUTION: Snow Ships to 180+ Countries and Has The Fastest Shipping Methods on The Market.

Orders Ship From The United States The Same Day You Order. North American Customers Often Receive Their Order in 2-3 Business Days, and 7-10 Days Is The Average for International Orders.

snow teeth whitening couple

ISSUE #5: “I Have Dental Work (Caps, Veneers, Braces, etc.) So Nothing Works For Me”

SOLUTION: Thanks To Modern Science, Snow’s All-Natural Formula Was Formulated by Leading Dentists to Not Cause Any Harm to Dental Work. The Brand-New Serum Found In Snow’s Gold Wands Which Come With Each Kit Contain A Serum That Works To Restore Dental Work, Not Harm Them. Do You Have Braces? Use Snow Now Instead of Waiting to Have Your Braces Removed.

snow teeth whitening coffee

ISSUE #6: “I’m Afraid of Side Effects & The Product Not Working Like Advertised”

SOLUTION: Each Order of Snow Comes With The Industry-Leading 5 Year Warranty And A Results Guarantee. Snow’s Patented Technology Uses Safe LED Wavelengths To Accelerate Whitening Results Without Side Effects.


Despite solving all these common shaving issues, the Snow Research and Development team says they are still working tirelessly to make teeth whitening even better for their customers.

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