5 Ways that White Teeth Can Improve Your Love Life

A winning smile = a winning date. 

If I asked you what you look for in a male or female, a healthy set of teeth might just scrape into your top five.

But if I were to ask you what turns you off, there’s a good chance that yellow teeth and bad oral hygiene would be at or near the very top of your list.

It’s not just about attractiveness either––there are many other ways in which white teeth can improve your love life!

How to get a better dating life

1. They Make You Look Healthier

    Believe it or not, having white teeth makes you look healthier! Yellow teeth can be a warning sign to potential dates as it suggests smoking, poor nutrition, or limited trips to the dentist. 

    Of course, it is possible to have white teeth and a bad diet, just like it is possible to have yellow teeth and a good diet. But, subconsciously we will always connect poor dental hygiene with poor health.


    2. Theyll Make You More Kissable

      Full lips and white teeth make for a perfectly kissable mouth. When we see yellow teeth we think “bad breath” and “bacteria”. But when we see a perfectly white set of teeth we think “clean”, “healthy” and “kissable”.

      It only makes sense. Would you rather kiss someone with yellow teeth or white teeth? Would you rather kiss someone with bad dental hygiene or good? 

      If you chose the first options then, trust us, you’re in a very small minority. Stay kissable, folks. 


      3. They Make You More Trustworthy 

        It sounds crazy, but it’s true, we are more likely to trust someone who has good teeth over someone who is dressed nice and has a good car. In other words, your teeth matter more than your car, which goes against everything that teenage boys have believed for generations!

        Trust is a very important factor in any serious relationship but it’s also something that needs to be there from the get-go. If a date doesn’t trust you when they first meet you then there’s little chance of them wanting to take things further with you.


        4. They Will Make You More Confident 

          If you have a great smile with bright, white teeth then you’ll smile more often and you’ll feel more confident about it. This confidence can impact other aspects of your life and can also increase your chances of finding someone special. 

          Studies show that the more confidence you display, the more successful you will be in love. And who doesn't want that? Show off those pearly whites!


          5. It works both ways!

            Surprise! Your love life can also help to improve your oral hygiene! An Australian study looked at 265 people in their 30s and found that those with a healthy love life had better teeth and better dental hygiene on the whole.

            It seems that simply having someone to love is enough to convince people (or to be convinced by the person they are in love with) to visit the dentist regularly and to maintain better oral hygiene habits.

            So, not only can healthy, white teeth help to improve your love life, but your love life can help to improve your teeth as well! It’s a win-win, an endless cycle that promises a lot of love and a lot of happy smiles.


            How Can I Whiten My Teeth for a Better Love Life?

            The easiest way to whiten your teeth and improve your love life is to use an at-home whitening kit like SNOW. It costs a fraction of the price you would pay for a professional teeth whitening procedure, but it's just as effective and considerably safer.

            The cost and the effort will be minimal, and the results could be huge! Improve your confidence and your love life today! Why wouldn't you? 


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            How white teeth improve your love life