5 Ways that White Teeth Can Improve your Career

Never before have we placed so much emphasis on white teeth and good oral hygiene as a society. But, never before has it been easier to improve your oral hygiene and whiten your teeth! 

Scientist, William James, has studied the science behind self-confidence. He states that people don't fail because of lack of intelligence, opportunity or resources, but because of the lack of self confidence. White teeth provide the self confidence needed to succeed. 

Thanks to at-home kits like SNOW, it can literally be done in a matter of minutes without blowing your budget.

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1. The Interview

    First impressions aren’t everything. In the real world you have time to change someone’s initial judgment of you; if that time isn’t available, their judgment is probably of no concern to you anyway.

    However, there are definitely exceptions to this rule. One of them is a job interview. As soon as you walk through those doors and approach the interviewers with a smile, they have made up their mind about you. They have already seen your resume and if you don’t win them over with a smile then any doubts they had about that resume will be cemented in their mind. 

    Research suggests that a first impression is made in a tenth of a second, which means they’ll make their mind up about you before you utter a word.

    Bright white teeth and a winning smile shows that you care about your appearance, and it shows that you are clean and healthy. While it’s nice to think we don’t live in a world where someone will be judged poorly if they are not fit, healthy, clean and dressed well, this is simply not the case––a white smile really can go a long way.

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    2. You Can Sell More

      If you work in sales, it is imperative that you make a good first impression. Studies show that customers are more likely to buy from an attractive salesperson and many people consider good teeth to be a significant indicator of beauty.

      Again, we all possess those subconscious triggers when it comes to first impressions. You might like to think of yourself as a non-judgmental, tolerant person, but there’s a good chance you’ll feel more comfortable buying from someone who has rows of pearly whites than someone with yellowed teeth and poor oral hygiene. This is especially true if your job is in dental sales (duh), where you really need to practice what you preach. 

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      3. White Teeth Give you the Confidence to Succeed

        Optimism, confidence and a vivacious attitude can help to propel you through the ranks. Employers don’t want grumpy managers or pessimistic CEOs. And believe it or not, poor oral hygiene can trigger a domino effect that results in this downtrodden attitude. 

        There are thousands of unemployed Americans who blame their lack of employment solely on their poor dental hygiene. Some of these have broken and crooked teeth, others simply have discolored teeth that they are embarrassed about.

        You should never feel embarrassed about a little discoloration, but at the same time, you can’t ignore the instant lift in confidence that comes from having perfectly white teeth. This confidence breeds success in the workplace.

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        4. You'll Network Better in the Workplace 

          If you have ever been self-conscious about your teeth then you’ll understand how much of an impact it can have on your social life. You refrain from laughing and smiling because you don’t want to show your teeth, you don’t go places where you think you will be judged, and you don’t let your guard down when you do.

          Having whiter teeth will make you feel better about smiling, which in turn will ensure you open up more. And when that happens you instantly begin to form friendships in the workplace, friendships that will help you to build your network and ultimately improve your career.

          It begins with having the confidence to smile more and worry less, but it ends with good friends and great connections.

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          5. It Will Make You Seem Friendlier and More Approachable

            Not only do we place a lot of emphasis on a good smile as a society, but the act of smiling itself will open so many doors. If you have whiter teeth, you will feel more inclined to smile more and your smile will also be brighter and more attractive, all of which will make you a more approachable employee and will help you to win favor during meetings and presentations.

            When someone doesn’t smile, they scare people away. Those people gossip about them, say things behind their backs, make accusations and generally make their working life harder, even though that person may simply be short on a little self-confidence. By having the confidence to smile, you can bypass all of that.

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            How to Get White Teeth 

            Now you know the benefits of whiter teeth, it’s time to add some sparkle to your own. Take a look at our At-Home SNOW Teeth Whitening kit. It’s a safe, effective kit that can be used at home and delivers the results you seek in a few easy steps, all for a fraction of the price that your dentist will charge you. Take our quiz to find out what's staining your teeth!

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